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Opus 18 - artist’s impression – painted by Rita Thomas, former Opus 18 member




I think we all really enjoyed singing last night - and the comments and the cup were the icing on the cake. Opus is a superb example of what a community choir should be - you give us great leadership and work hard to make us all feel like a team, thank you. Liz
I think I was one of the founder members of Opus 18 all those years ago. Our numbers have increased significantly and the musical choices have become more varied and challenging.  Some people have joined after seeing us perform at one of our concerts.  We all still get a bit nervous in the run up to these but feel a sense of pride and achievement and are so pleased we have been able to raise so much money for local charities.  I still get so much enjoyment from singing, even though I cannot read music (!), and meeting up with lovely people that the choir seems to attract. Sharon   
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For me choir has given me an opportunity to share my lifelong love of singing with others, regardless of age, gender, marital status, or socio-economic background in a friendly, open and non-pressured and non-judgemental environment. It lifts my spirits, it relaxes me after a long day at work, it is a place to laugh (and sometimes cry) with others and everyone is accepted because we are family together. We also have an amazing leader who cares not only about singing and music but is also passionate and caring about each individual in each choir, recognising that we each come from different circumstances and all bring something unique to make the choir what it is - a safe and accepting group who love to sing together and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Nina 

Opus 18 choir has been an important part of my week for many years and I look forward to that continuing. Sally H

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I have loved singing with Opus 18 from the moment I joined in 2016. I feel uplifted and get strength from our joint passion for making the musical harmonies come alive. It is a happy and joyful experience being part of this amazing choir and to share our concerts for charity. Best decision ever! Lynne